short arc

of days. cloud skitter
over blasted ground
sheep’s head turning
without its scorn pole.
a flat
contact. the sun’s
constant. pressure
from sleepless hills.

~ Patrick M. Pilarski

Patrick M. Pilarski is the co-editor of DailyHaiku, an international journal of contemporary English-language haiku. His first full collection, Huge Blue, will be released in Sept. 2009 by Leaf Press, and he is the author of one chapbook, Five Weeks. Patrick’s work has appeared and is forthcoming in journals and anthologies across North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan, recently including PRISM international, The Antigonish Review, the Literary Review of Canada, Carousel, and The New Quarterly. Two of his poems have previously appeared on Blue Skies Poetry: “Starting Over” and “so dark.” He lives in Edmonton, Canada, with his partner, poet Nicole Pakan.

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