in mem. Norman O. Brown (1913-2002)

A longer sunset, or
that water edge again
whose light not exactly frightened,
I suppose, but something wasn’t . . .
well enough remembered, as . . .
You see the bird. You listen
though you do not understand, and
each song quietly.
Ovid in/from his place
of exile, wonders again
the curse of the artist:
to see, to see, all ways
the eye/I, the why of
aliquid vidi; unselfing each chink
of itself to be, bear all.

~ Allan Brown

Allan Brown’s work first appeared on blueskiespoetry in December, 2008. His 20th volume of poetry, the on-line chapbook Sentences (Coracale Press), appeared in January, 2009. His twenty-first volume of poetry, the 11-part sequence “Excursions” will be published by Alfred Gustav Press in November.

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