Coming Soon: Home and Away

Perhaps you remember this call for submissions, or these sample poems? Well, we are pleased to announce that Home and Away will be released in November, and that poems from the anthology will be featured on blue skies poetry beginning October 13.

Home and Away – Alberta’s Finest Poets Muse on the Meaning of Home

“All language is a longing for home.”
– Rumi

In Home and Away – a sequel to the bestselling Writing the Land (2007) – Alberta poets ponder the question “what is home?” and explore our complex relationship with working on, living with, exploiting and protecting our land and our home.

Are we shaped by what we do and where we live? How does this affect our sense of place? Is home where you reside… or is it where you are from? Can you go back home after years of being away? Does the landscape get under your skin… do you carry it with you when you go?

The answers can be found in new poems by Alice Major, Patrick Pilarski, Nicole Pakan, Rosemary Griebel, Shirley Serviss, Weyman Chan, Pierrette Requier, Bob Stallworthy, and many, many more.

Featuring poems by Paulette Dubé, Tom Wayman, Jalal Barzanji, Jenna Butler, Ian LeTourneau, Ben Murray, Tyler Perry, Daniel N. Poitras, Rob Omura, and Suzanne Harris.

Angela Kublik and Dymphny Dronyk

Publishers, House of Blue Skies
Editors, “Home & Away” Project

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