storefront poetry: 2

willie on the road and joe
on the typer on the poem (again)
writing like he meant it or had
something worthwhile to say to write
and not just filibuster time
occupying an opening in the cloud
cover in the groundcover behind
the bush-beater’s known associates
another dead trickster on the edge
of the highway—struck by a truck
going driving outside the lines
of the mounted over grassed prairie
the not-so-far mountains obscured
by haze and the ariba dust of
the drive for more and more taking
and leaving less future here
abandoning emptiness when pressure
drops away or the price isn’t profit
viable for the guzzlers and reapers
far from this working field—an ex-
ocean pressed in rockbeds lifted
high above sea level as the rocks
slowly push higher into thinner air
than the dublin home of kilkenny
and guiness as the rift the mid-
atlantic ridge widens between olde
and new-to-then worlds on this one

~ Joe Blades

Joe Blades is a writer–artist living in Fredericton. On the editorial board of revue ellipse mag, he is Vice President–Membership Chair of the League of Canadian Poets, producer–host of the Ashes, Paper & Beans community radio program, and founding publisher of 25-year-old Broken Jaw Press. The author of five published poetry books, including River Suite and from the book that doesn’t close, he has several books in the works, including Casemate Poems (Collected). Two of his books were also translated and published in Serbian editions in 2005.

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  1. Hi Joe and “Blue Skies”
    Congrats on the poetry launch in Edmonton last night . . . just great to read your words from the “typer”, Joe, and nice to know you’re still hard at work for poetry. Thanks!



    PS My Banff friend, Anna, gave me the heads up here.

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