Looking Irish

Growing up, I considered myself Canadian.

My unorthodox family
never observed rituals
except when it came to me
dating non-Jewish boys.

I was told they could only be my friends.

Of course, the only time I was invited out
on a date, was by a goy –
a cute one, too.

I spoke my sadness
with solemn sophistication,
explaining I was only allowed to date
nice Jewish boys.

The response was always the same:
“You don’t look Jewish.”
The funny thing was, when I asked
“What do I look like?”
The response was still always the same.

And to think I wasn’t even wearing green.

~ I.B. Iskov

I.B. (Bunny) Iskov is the Founder of The Ontario Poetry Society, Ontario’s only Provincial, Grass Roots, Democratic, Poetry Friendly Organization. Bunny’s poems have appeared in many fine literary journals and anthologies, including Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine, Voices Israel, Ascent Aspirations and in Henry’s Creature, Poems and Stories of The Automobile, Black Moss Press. She has won several awards for her poems and she has several poetry collectons. Her new book, Sapphire Seasons will be released this coming November, 2009, and will be published by Aeolus House Press. Bunny lives and writes in Thornhill, Ontario.

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