Saint Petersburg to Paris

Coming from Saint Petersburg, in my radicchio dress legs crossed, clouds lift us up, into and out of a merlot fog. My insides whirl. The Hermitage, a birch wood bracelet, iconic prayers, vespers cling to my skin. The plane turns; we head East diving toward Earth to meet insomniac lovers whose tongues cling over Claude Le Louche films and Burgeosie riots that burn every rue and Renault in the name of difference.

~ Heather Ann Schmidt

Heather Ann Schmidt lives in Waterford Michigan and is an adjunct professor at Oakland Community College. She edits tinfoildresses poetry journal and Quiddities Journal. Her poems can be found in various online and print journals. Her chapbook, Channeling Isadora Duncan, was recently released from Gold Wake Press and her first full collection of poems, Chasing Lou Hoover, is forthcoming from Village Green Press. She received her MFA from National University and hopes to begin pursuing her PhD at Union Institute in 2010.

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