the neruda spell #2

after a sleepless night
I sit here alone with you
by a cold window planed
wonder why I’m surprised

great men wrote epics
about love and disease
especially of the choleric kind
until recently I imagined

my passion was words
yours speak of longing
dreams and vine-climbing women
perhaps the polaric spell we’re under
relies on our shared intimacy
and thirst for the requited

~ Anne Sorbie

Anne Sorbie was born in Paisley, Scotland and she lives and writes in Calgary. Her fiction has appeared in journals such as Geist and Other Voices. Anne’s first novel, Memoir of a Good Death, is forthcoming (September 2010) with Thistledown Press.

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Editor’s note: This poem is one of a series of ten “neruda spell” poems by Anne Sorbie that are being featured on blue skies poetry this week.

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  1. Very nice Anne! Don’t get poetry, but I liked it.

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