the Neruda spell #10

do not love me
do not love my words
for like me they are without

body or mind bereft
of a place for soul
so that even the touch of

my bare feet to the ground
signals the idea of nothing
complete not even that of

a life lip-licked on vellum

~ Anne Sorbie

Anne Sorbie was born in Paisley, Scotland and she lives and writes in Calgary. Her fiction has appeared in journals such as Geist and Other Voices. Anne’s first novel, Memoir of a Good Death, is forthcoming (September 2010) with Thistledown Press.

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Editor’s note: This poem is one of a series of ten “neruda spell” poems by Anne Sorbie that are being featured on blue skies poetry this week.

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  1. the Neruda spell — 10 casually yet carefully linked poems in a sequence that is both reminiscent of Neruda and personally revealing as the work of Anne Sorbie. An indirect reflection or refraction, and a direct light at the same time. Superbly done.

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