Diversified Bus Stop

They arrive like ghosts
in the early-morning darkness
a line of shadows stretches the length
of the sidewalk
from the corner to my driveway.

Their faces are invisible
behind toques, hoods, and scarves
clouded by fogs of their breath
either from the cold or from the cigarettes
that collect themselves on my lawn
like seeds, they appear when the snow melts into mud
rake them up after the thaw
through grass mussed as if it went to sleep with wet hair.

Some sip liquid heat from travel mugs
fight the cold air,
huddle themselves around the steaming cup
like a campfire.

They all face the same direction – away from me
towards the corner where
the Diversified Bus –
the 5 AM one –
will turn with a dull roar, a squeal, and a sigh
the lights within promise warmth
exhaust whisked up from the backside
into the cold, black sky
the bus swallows them up
only to spit them out an hour later
at the Suncor or Syncrude plants.

I close the curtain
pat the baby on my shoulder
hear the furnace rouse itself.

~ Stephanie Werner

Stephanie Werner is a mother of two originally from Montreal, who is currently living in the Edmonton area. Her work has been published online at www.4and20poetry.com and www.thewritersblockmagazine.ca, and in print in the Home and Away Anthology and NorthWord.

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