Vancouver city sirens

tap tap
the vinyl chords
spinal cords
in prayer
let them vibrate hum sing
down alley ways
down town east sides
mountain trails

snap snap
go the spinal chords
vinyl cords
in rage
they sweat shudder expire
in macadam puddles
out side
safe injection sites
peat bogs

wake wake
the body
to the sirens of the street
of the wood
of this natural / civic world
and know there is
no easy leaving
no right of way out
from this town
this ground
this overwhelming
and compelling

~ Alan Girling

Alan Girling used to write fiction but these days it’s mainly poetry and other musings. He suspects his old stories were really poems in disguise. Examples of both can be found in
blue skies poetry, Hobart, Lichen, The MacGuffin, Smokelong, Six Sentences, qarrtsiluni, and ink sweat and tears.

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