The Bald Hills Trail Shortcut

Off the fire road gravel
the twisted pine roots
grasp gray limestone
through a dusting of dead needles.
Two hikers sweat and slog
into cool cerulean blue.
Ridges fringe the lake.
A toy boat plies the waters.
Glaciers cling to distant peaks,
glisten in the summer sun.

Two lovers toe to toe
on a carpet of heather,
glacier lilies, Indian paintbrush,
split-leaf annika, marigold,
powder-blue butterflies.
But when the storm blows in
they scamper for the parking lot,
a sudden sleet face clench
north wind poncho clutch
soggy socks shivering descent.

Two years later in Edmonton,
up above the fireplace
a photograph, a gnarled tree
doubled over on a ridge
beckons them back
with its one bent finger.

~ Gary Garrison

Gary Garrison is currently president of the Edmonton Stroll of poets. He has been writing poems for patients at the U of A hospital in Edmonton for the last four years.

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  1. The imagery here, as in “Gallstones,” painful yet always precise, carrying us through the piece and into some form of new understanding, however disturbing that might be. I’m reminded in a positive way of the insights, open and closed at once, of Rimbaud’s later work.

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