Miramichi Remembered

I’ll close my eyes now
and be upon those rocky shores,
mighty Miramichi goddess,
slick between the thighs
and pulsing with the tides.

In my scope of daydream darkness
I’ll envision Beaubears Island,
swimming there in midnight hush
to dance with devils skittering
upon its ghost-lit bonfired beach.

I’ll close my eyes and bring myself
within a husky breath
from memories of youthful days
upon those rusty shores,
bathe my sinewy used-to-be
within the cloak
of magic midnight hush.

I’ll picture sluicing forward
inside the lapping waves,
the fear inside my beating heart
as I make my way to shore
with nothing but the thrumming beach
and nodding moon to guide me.

I’ll close my eyes and wash myself
upon the Beaubears beach,
half-naked in the bonfired glow,
I’ll remember those youthful silhouettes
that brought me through the waves,
those shimmering half-clad bodies
dancing in the dunes.

I’ll close my eyes now
and be back upon those shores,
sleek and mighty goddess,
still slick between the thighs.

~ Keven Craig

Kevin Craig’s poetry has appeared in Quills, Regina Weese, Inscribed Magazine, Anything Goes Journal, Poetry Canada Magazine, Author Scoop, Toronto Quarterly and Ditch…to name a few. As well, he has 3 poems published in the upcoming edition of Newfoundland’s Memorial University’s Paragon Journal. He has twice won the Muskoka Novel Marathon’s Best Adult Novel Award. Kevin recently received Honorable Mention in the WCDR Wicked Words Prose Competition. His entry, Rabacheeko, will appear in the upcoming Wicked Words Anthology. His memoir has aired on CBC Radio and has also appeared in the Globe & Mail. Kevin’s play, Panic in the Basement, was produced at Driftwood Theatre’s 2009 Trafalgar24 event. This was recently followed with the production of his play, Maid of Honour, at the 2010 Trafalgar24 event. Kevin recently returned from the SLS writing program in Kenya, where he spent the month of December collecting new grist for his poetic mill.

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