Cut-Up: Police Procedural

without a shadow & then the police
-drawing strange devices like curses
from out of the house & giving them
female names,
not of endearment
but desolate markets are in their
grassy eyes, distant as sun standing
on a pier beside a life jacket, foreign
even to the flack jackets they wear
whose custom is foreignness,
they know their
business: dead on arrival
te deum even the academy cannot
respect ironically

-admit the sound, voicely &
cut cut
the slim models promise
salt, brutal as then it was:
they call at a bad time
& worn messages
beep faith in
druggists &
please to not die

~ Jamie Bradley

Jamie Bradley is an instructor and doctoral candidate in English at the University of Ottawa. His work appears most recently in The Puritan, the Moose and Pussy,, and in the collaborative chapbooks Dalhousie Blues (Ex-Hubris 2009) and The Visi Cue-Cue Reader (Canteen 2009). His first solo chapbook Compositions appeared in 2008 from Angel House Press.

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