Is It Not grand.
Juniper throated the crack in the rock does without

Is It Not spelling It Is on the blackboard
the set of his jaw all fingers and toes

like the calves of an Irish dancer

through sheer force of will or another sure thing in the copper tamed air.
Certainly, the sky is no small part.

And then of course when she died he lost himself,
but he really didn’t seem to go anywhere.

Foam like white anger, sound passed through a cartoon.
The roots are tugged straight and back again.

They say: the margin for freedom is fair.
This is a good thing Is It Not.

~ Jamie Bradley

Jamie Bradley is an instructor and doctoral candidate in English at the University of Ottawa. His work appears most recently in The Puritan, the Moose and Pussy,, and in the collaborative chapbooks Dalhousie Blues (Ex-Hubris 2009) and The Visi Cue-Cue Reader (Canteen 2009). His first solo chapbook Compositions appeared in 2008 from Angel House Press.

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