In the Tip Jar

Dear Bartender:

Please do not let my lack of dimes
jangling in your jar
add up to anything more than my inability
to abandon my money.
The beer you pour is always chilled
heads never foamy
and I return for your buttered rum smile.
But poetry writing and gazing at men half my age
still does not pay.
Please instead, accept these small words
as my poem of praise.

~ Shannon Rayne

Shannon Rayne is a writer with a deep love for the stage and artistic collaboration. Her poetry has been performed or co-presented with visual art, contemporary dance and mixed media installations. She has read her work at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word, Under the Volcano Festival in Vancouver and at the Vancouver Heart in the City Festival. Her poetry has appeared in Memewar Magazine, Quills and is forthcoming in the Feathertale Review.

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