he kneels before a stove,
match in hand, union
of gas and light left
you in solitude, the
stillness of prayer left you
kneeling at recollection
rustle of stones
at the mercy
of his blackened boot
an iron ore dock measures
your heavy history, the metal grates
of a swing bridge bare down
weight that anchors you the way
morning closes in before
thunder arrives, the wind gathering
rain clouds in place
you, alone with a history of wishing

~ Valerie Poulin

Valerie Poulin spends her work days writing instructions for software applications and documenting business processes. Her work has been published in literary periodicals, micro-press journals, and anthologies—in print and online. Between creative writing projects, Valerie writers non-fiction articles, co-ordinates membership at the Canadian Poetry Association, and edits a website for hockey parents. She publishes/reprints her work at A Creative Way Out of Work.

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