Though usually indiscriminate raiders
of valley gardens, fruit trees, and black-
berry slopes, the bears shun this ancient,
twisted apple tree beside the road. All winter
unmauled offerings sway from its branches,

the sourness so legendary even the earth
refuses its windfalls. But for us, colour-
starved in a white season, it offers a sweet
and generous gift—kindly keeping, beneath
their lids of snow, its small, green lanterns lit.

~ Greg Simison

Greg Simison is a poet, playwright and columnist currently living in Moose Jaw. He is the author of four books: Disturbances, 1982, Thistledown Press; The Possibilities of Chinese Trout, 1986, Okanagan College Press; What the Wound Remembers, 1993, Borealis Press; and The Moon Road, (chapbook), 1999, Really Small Vernon Press.

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  1. Another “generous” poetic offering in Greg Simison’s familar, quietly confident voice. Thanks.

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