Nagging Itunes

downloading her first Itunes under her daughter’s supervision
daughter’s 20 dollar gift card weighing heavily on her
what do you want mom? what do you want to download?
Mrs. Sharma can only have one intelligent response
she says Oh Canada the Vancouver 2010 version
costs 99 cents so very affordable
Mrs. Sharma wants to memorise Canadian anthem
drive it deep deep down drive away doubts

driving downtown to dreary job
she listens to the Indian anthem
Jana Gana Mana adhinayaka jaya he..
singing it in sanskrit original tune and bollywood adaptation
7 different versions of it
listens repeatedly listens
brings schooldays back for Mrs. Sharma
lining up at 6 am outside school building facing black nuns
light blue blouse dark blue skirt red tie black shoes
biting nails to keep them clean
reciting Our father who art in heaven
followed by national anthem

no line ups now no recitations either
Mrs Sharma yells damm it

~ Neha Sonpar

Neha Sonpar immigrated to Canada in 2000. She explores the dilemmas stemming from this move in her poetry and postcard short stories.

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  1. Itunes and “I” tunes — this kind of nagging keeps us curiously alive, and singing whatever new or old anthems may come next. A delightful mix. Thanks.

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