The teapot yawns
exactly where I left it,
having slept through my absence
more faithfully than a cat.
The paintings on the walls
feign stillness
and the photographed figures
on the fridge stand in tableau,
pretending that they didn’t gather
to party in my memory
while I was soaked
in the constant shifts
of the present.
The hands of clocks tick steadily,
claiming time existed here
just as it did while I stared
at the contours of a foreign horizon.
Now I wonder if you
frowned and looked up
to feel the chill
of my absence,
or if you are still tucked
warmly into bed, a book laced
through your fingers, waiting
to give in to the muted melody
of sleep.

~ Josh Stewart

Josh Stewart is fan of hats, Tuesdays, and sushi. His first poetry chapbook, Invention of the Curveball, was released with Cactus Press in 2008.

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