Amorphallus titanum, warts and all or Moshi, moshi.

Why is beauty so often flawed?

Twenty years they waited
for this rare Sumatran specimen
to flourish.

And, then, it would only bloom
for two or three days.

Patiently standing in line,
curling around the block,
fanning themselves furiously,
huge hordes of Japanese people
wait to view this world-record five-foot-tall
exotic, erotic flower, amorphallus titanaum,
in a Tokyo park.

Moshi, moshi they murmur, hugging
their ubiquitous

Sadly, the pungent odor
is overwhelming.
Also called the “corpse flower”,
it reeks of rotting flesh.

This vast plant is exquisite,
if short-lived.

Must ugliness always
accompany beauty?
Is a canker endemic?

Is sheer perfection
utterly unattainable,
Utopia but a distant dream?

Perhaps this is part of the human condition:
to strive endlessly to achieve excellence.

~ Berenice Mortimer

I am an 83- year-old widow and have had a few haiku published in the U.S. international haiku journal, The Heron’s Nest, having only recently discovered this genre.

I have been happily living with my daughter and son-in-law in Westlock, Alberta, for three years, having been “imported” from England where I was born.

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