untitled I (Susan)

You were unexpected
arriving to offer
as the brake
to slow
to stop
to insert yourself
between me and damnation

You would be
my saviour
blue eyed
You made it
sound so simple
to accept
just, accept your gift

Uncurled a moment
my heart
realized my sins
a seam of coal black
stretched behind me
waiting to burn
looking forward
I realized the years
of pain to come

While I wanted to
I couldn’t
wouldn’t take you there

Finally in honest deed
I tell you
a lie
drive you away

I did realize
when you’d gone
through all this time
still do
You came to rescue me

~ Andy Michaelson

Andy Michaelson: There are three sides to Andy the writer. There’s a poet, a promoter and an administrator. All three sides can barely contain themselves when writing, talking or promoting poetry. “I’ll try anything twice,” he says, “As long the activity advances the craft.” Andy recently received the St. Albert Mayor’s Award for Arts Promotion, sponsored by Alberta Culture and Community Spirit.

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