A Day At The Beach

for a month i was squeezed
of all the juices you had
poured into me
the ones i gagged on
and savoured
the ones that
went down the wrong pipe
during fancy dinners with strangers
the ones that made my
eyes water while
sometimes swimming
in tears
a sunburned starfish I was
slow in speech, thought & action
until you picked me up and placed me
in your funny bucket
running back to rest
on your yellow towel
as if i was yours but
had never been

~ Lyra Brown

Lyra Brown has had a passion for words since she was but a wee one. When she was about three years old, she would memorize Disney book-on-tapes and would make up little stories and songs in her head. She started writing songs & poetry around age 13, and has not stopped since. She is now 19 years old and braves the relentless winters of Edmonton, Alberta.

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