Tweeting Lord Franklin

Spiking in a flow
of unsocial networking

the ice is stalking up the steps,

crushing out the eyes of
pixilated sailors,
scalloping the sodden wood
through the rifle pops of salt.

Canada is here,
clasping us on to the teat of winter,

bellied beneath
the navigating drone of laptop,
tiller and sail,
the electroconvulsive
pressgang of milky tea,

charting a book of faces
made mute in a
glittering dumbness,

filling out the shape of a season
revealing its wing tips,
easing under doors,
inflating under clubbing currents:

Terror and Erebus
herding in a glacial litter
of whispers,
raising up the vapours
of the world wide nothing.

~ Alan Hill

Alan Hill lives in New Westminster British Columbia. He has been published in Canada in Canadian Literature, CV2, Antigonish Review and Vancouver Review. He has also been published in ‘Rocksalt’, An Anthology of Contemporary BC Poetry (Mother Tongue Publishing 2008).

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