I understand that
quantum physics postulates
parallel universes –
Hundreds of them
so it seems
Worlds upon Worlds
where duplicates
of you
and of I
stroll or stumble
on other paths
to other destinations.

Incredible, don’t you think
that on some diverse plane
another you
and I
may speak with gentleness
in this domain
And that out there
another I writes some quite
different words
upon a blank sheet.

~ Joan Newton

Joan Newton is a writer of short stories, poems, and plays. She lives in Winnipeg but has travelled extensively, and what she observes often appears in a twisted way in her work.

2 Responses to “Other”

  1. You do speak with gentleness here, of the known, the unknown, and whatever curious and interesting mix of both it is that we all experience. A fine and finely suggestive set of Words upon Words.

  2. I have read other poems by Ms.Newton – and they always inspire my intellect and imagination. This is another thought-provoker. A fine piece.

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