After Dark

When the sun goes down
sails and feathers leave
the river. An empty planet
burns in the sky

as lights come on
in the city, and ragged lines
collect before the doors
open, but you don’t arrive

until there’s nothing left
but chrome stars
flashing from the mikes,
the guitars, the drum kit,

and you realize
that you don’t know
anyone, anymore
who has known you all your life.

~ George Amabile

George Amabile has published in the USA, Canada, Europe, England, Wales, South America, Australia and New Zealand in over a hundred anthologies, journals and periodicals including The New Yorker, Harper’s, Poetry (Chicago), American Poetry Review, Botteghe Oscure, The Globe and Mail, The Penguin Book of Canadian Verse, Saturday Night, Poetry Australia, Sur (Buenos Aires), Poetry Canada Review, and Canadian Literature.

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