A Cloudburst in India

The rain fell in torrents,
streaming down latticed window-panes,
limp magnolia leaves, drooping.
Streaks of silver lightning,
runs its electric forked fingers.
tearing through the grey fabric of the sky,
as the downpour continues

I lay awake,
tossing in bed.
Froze time for awhile,
became a child of the Past—
when I would bury my head in my mother’s lap
and listen to stories about fairies and elves,
while all the time,
the rain poured like a sheet of glass.

Now all alone,
black thunder resonates in the air,
tearing through my frail, huddled body,
that once again has to face the grey morning commute.

~ Kamal Parmar

Ms.Kamal Parmar was born in India and has been passionately involved in writing the past fifteen years. Her genre is poetry as well as creative non-fiction. She has a number of poetry publications in reputed Canadian literary journals and magazines as well as publications in US and UK. Some of her poems have been short-listed for awards and honorable mentions. Her recent poetry book is an emotional journey juxtaposing memories of her childhood years in India with the present life here, in Canada.

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  1. the imagery of the first stanza is perfect!

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