Cuong Vu

I play jazz-informed experimental
instrumental ambient rock music.
~ Cuong Vu

Sonic cries
ethereal, but with muscular
overtones (well cut)
—shadows in the space between
avant fusion & lyrical

Young guy’s trumpet blazing
fast as any Di Meola
—pace power energy
(amazing embouchure)

Hard-driving rhythm section
à la Molvær, free avant
à la one Archie Shepp
back in the day
(as they so often say)

This inventive jazzer
can squeeze (& hold)
notes like a particle
(aka atom smasher)
just like inside your TV

Do try this on at home
try this on at home

~ Stephen Bett

Stephen Bett has had twelve books of poetry published: Re-Positioning (Ekstasis Editions, 2011); Track This: a book of relationship (BlazeVOX Books, Buffalo, N.Y., 2010); S PLIT (Ekstasis Editions, 2009); Extreme Positions: the soft-porn industry Exposed (Spuyten Duyvil Books, NYC, 2009); Sass ’n Pass (Ekstasis Editions, 2008); Three Women (Ekstasis Editions, 2006); Nota Bene Poems: A Journey (Ekstasis Editions, 2005); Trader Poets (Frog Hollow Press, 2003); High-Maintenance (Ekstasis Editions, 2003); High Design Refit (Greenboathouse Books, 2002); Cruise Control (Ekstasis Editions, 1996); Lucy Kent and other poems (Longspoon Press, 1983). A thirteenth book is due to come out: The Gross & Fine Geography: New & Selected Poems (Salmon Poetry, Ireland, 2012). His work has also appeared in more than 100 literary journals in Canada, the U.S., England, Australia, New Zealand, and Finland, as well as in three anthologies, and on radio. He lives in Vancouver.

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