Canadian Poet Hair

With all those frizzing wisps standing free
from the keen faces of our Canadian poets
It is hard to deny

the presence
of a prescribed aesthetic

of a genetic predisposition
toward the production of metaphor and
tactless, accurate nut-shelling of experience

the curling locks an indication
of a refusal to accept
that which is uncomplicated
or unapproachable

or unspoken

~ Pamela S. Mosher

Pamela S. Mosher is native to rural Nova Scotia and has lived in Halifax for several years, initially to complete an undergraduate degree in Literature, but ultimately because she is transfixed by the urban space and vibrant people. Pamela’s poetry has been published by ditch, and Open Heart Forgery. She is attempting small-scale publication in literary journals as well as writing her first novel. She enjoys photography, indulging her botanic impulses, biking around Halifax and teaching herself to play guitar.

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