heron, poised to strike or fly,
is symmetry. quick eyes pierce

reflected sky and fix the world beneath.

we won’t act until it moves,
can’t divine from stillness.


cloud insinuates, ground discloses less.
between, no flower but in its promise
and crow who tells it slant:

winging from willow to pine, saying,
follow me for i am the way.

saying, pay attention, i’ll lend you my sun.

~ Richard-Yves Sitoski

“I’m an Owen Sound, Ontario based social activist, writer, and, as DeMentos, spoken-word artist. I’ve written academic articles and art reviews, have published fiction in
Grimm Magazine, and am a frequent contributor at local readings and arts events.”

4 Responses to “Auguries”

  1. My apologies to Richard – This poem had an incorrect time stamp and so was not posted as scheduled on Thursday. Many thanks for sharing your beautiful words.. I trust they will be enjoyed even though they are a bit later than expected. Angela Kublik, Editor.

  2. No problem, Angela!
    Much love.

  3. Beautiful words, honey! One of my favourites!

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