And blue . . .

Who will tell the story of the rain?
after the blue,
as if the words had lost their voice
unable to draw attention
their cause forgotten
in some sleeping dream
the place where love sleeps
blue and still,
a dark throated sparrow.

~ Rebecca Anne Banks

Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Songwriter, Singer, Musician, Artist) began her artist’s life as a Poet, eventually picking up a 12-string C.F. Martin, giving voice and music to the passion of her poetry in song. Her songs are original acoustic Renaissance Folk and Folk/Rock Lullabies. She is an associate member of the Canadian League of Poets, has had poems published in The Northern Woman Journal, self-published 11 chapbooks of poetry @ and has produced 3 CD’s: Dance Summer Blue, The Madrigal and Rebecca Anne Banks: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue . . . On a quiet afternoon she can be found playing concerts amongst the blue and warm of the velvet underground stonework that is the Montreal Metro . . .

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