A note from Dymphny

[photopress:dymphny_dronyk.jpg,thumb,alignleft]Last summer when Angela and I had to suspend some of our dreams and ambitions for House of Blue Skies, our publishing venture, and blueskiespoetry.ca it broke my heart just a little, I must confess. Not having mastered the ability to clone ourselves, it was the necessary choice in lives choked with other priorities… but it seemed a shame to silence the conduit for such marvellous poetic voices. I missed the daily dose of poetry that Blue Skies gave us under Angela’s skilled care.

I am excited to “reboot” Blue Skies together with my dear friend and mentor, Bob Stallworthy, while Angela continues to focus on the challenges of building a beautiful new library in Fort Saskatchewan. Bob and I hope that she manages to find some time to polish her own poetry manuscript too!

This website has published a diverse and moving range of poems over the years, and been supported by many of the most respected poets in Canada. It has also launched some very fine emerging poets. It is our intent to build on that amazing energy, by publishing a new poem every day in 2012, and launching another House of Blue Skies anthology in 2013. (Theme and guest editor to be announced later this summer, so stay tuned…)

We are delighted to add our voice to the rich chorus of poetry in Canada once again.

Dymphny Dronyk

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  1. Glad this special place for Canadian poets is back. Much like the country, offering a vast and varied smörgÃ¥sbord of words to savour and digest…

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