Setting it out in words makes it so.
Sentences spin galaxies into existence.

Enough galaxies and you’ve got a universe
at least convincing enough
you know it’s there.

This makes it infinite
but as you think up verbs for those sentences
you keep reaching the same point

among the infinite points there are
that the pause for punctuation
is you.

Among all those stars you made.

~ Michael Penny 

Congratulations to Michael on being short-listed for the 2012 Alberta Literary Award, the Stephan G. Stephansson Award for Poetry.

Michael Penny was born in Australia, but moved to Canada as a teenager. He has four books: Bear, from Bard Press (1976), My Chimera, Bushekbooks (2006), Completing the Kora, La so so la Press (2006) and Particles, McGill-Queen’s University Press (2011). Still needing to make a living, he does so as Director of Policy with the Law Society of Alberta.

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  1. I love this musing on the worlds/realities we create – infinity out of logos….and still the question, the tiniest pause.

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