Dirty Snow

Congratulations to Tom Wayman on the publication of his 18th collection of poems Dirty Snow (Harbour Press, 2012).

For the next three days we feel very privileged to share poems from Tom’s latest book with our readers.

From the book jacket: “Tom Wayman unflinchingly considers the impact of the Afghan War: its absence and presence in Canadians’ every lives as citizens of a nation at war.

Dirty Snow explores Wayman’s view that Canada’s military intervention in a civil war between two odious sets of combatants has degraded Canadian’s quality of life by, among other means, the conflict’s relentless absorption of public funds in pursuit of dubious ends.
Wayman is also concerned with echoes of the Afghan War in the personal sphere, particularly the war’s effect on the natural world in the mountain valleys of southeastern BC where he makes his home.”

Bio: Dirty Snow is Tom Wayman’s eighteenth collection of poems. He has edited a number of anthologies, including The Dominion of Love (2001). His published fiction includes two books of short stories and the novel Woodstock Rising (2009).

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