Hadopelagic Heaven

Fish are all atheists.

When they die and you eat their flesh
or flush them away,
they don’t wait in line
for an admission ticket

to heaven
or to hell,
they just ascend or descend.
Everywhere, the souls of fish swim,

school with grace,
in their choice of the spirit
of pure water, or saline,
in an arcane aquatic heaven

no human soul has ever witnessed;
at least not as a “heaven,”
a sky-heaven in the space beyond
the prosaic, earthy, Earth.

This heaven is the other way;
down, fathoms down, abysmal,
Davey Jones locker down,
flickering, bubbling, cold, dark, down.

Watery, slippery, elusive as dreams,
simple and like-minded, fish
souls are always at one
with the universe.

~ Joanne Osborne-Paulson

Joanne Osborne-Paulson holds a BA Special with Distinction (in English) from the University of Alberta. She is an associate member of the League of Canadian Poets. Recently, her poem, “I Was Born Without A Mouth,” won third place in The Great Canadian Literary Hunt poetry contest, and was published online by This Magazine, November 2011. Joanne lives and writes in St. Albert, Alberta.

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  1. wonderful imagery

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