Summer 2012 – News

[photopress:H_A_front_cover.jpg,thumb,alignleft]Well, it was an Olympian summer in more ways than one.

We can now divulge that “Home and Away” almost went to the London Olympics, courtesy of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.
Our hopes were very high – but ultimately AFA made the decision NOT to schlep the anthologies overseas.

It was an interesting few weeks for us at House of Blue Skies. First, we had to run around and do a hasty book count in our Edmonton and Calgary offices, as well as at any bookstores or galleries where we have copies for sale.  Then we held our breath and chewed our nails.

Two profound realizations came out of this: 1) if we had sold every last copy we have left, we’d once again have more than enough in our Great Publishing Schemes account to pay for the design and printing of the next anthology; and 2) we don’t actually have that many copies left to sell!!

Our initial disappointment quickly turned into that typical Albertan “can do and let’s git ‘er dun” attitude.

So… we’re going to sell the rest of the books.

And some very cool House of Blue Skies “Keep Calm and Write Poetry” t-shirts (check back in the next day or two to order).

In the next little while you’ll also be able to order our “So You Want to be a Poet? Tips from the Blue Skies Garret” e-book.

Plus, you’ll also be able to do a Blue Skies Virtual Blue Pencil session with the editors – details coming soon.

It’s funny how the Universe works. For reasons we can’t quite pinpoint we’ve been shipping books out at a regular pace all summer. Ontario. Montreal. Detroit. Japan. Europe. Very, very cool.

Our first anthology “Writing the Land” is now officially sold out.

Join us, dear poets and lovers of poetry, as we work toward the same status for “Home and Away”.

See the House of Blue Skies tab for ordering details – for a limited time, we pay the shipping costs!

And yes, contributor discounts still do apply for any of you featured in the anthology. Please contact us directly to make arrangements for purchasing additional copies.

We hope to announce the theme and submission details for our upcoming third anthology later this fall.

Meanwhile, we’ve been quite excited to see poetry submissions floating in on summer’s thermals.

Please keep your lovely poetry coming.

Stay tuned! When one is blue skying, good news is never far away.

Happy writing (and reading).

The Editors

Bob Stallworthy & Dymphny Dronyk, Co-Editors; & Angela Kublik, Founding Editor

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