The Statue of Sitting Eagle/John Hunter, Downtown Calgary

hoar frost on bronze
feathers fan his body
down past the soft bend in his knee
he cradles the sacred in his arm
the sun lands
on the hand
he’s raised to shade his eyes

shadows of spiraling footsteps
hurtling trains
the river you cannot see
from where once you clearly could

in all of this, Sitting Eagle
when a man can do no more
what now?

~ Cort Delano

Cort Delano is a singer/songwriter and poet living in Calgary. In 2012 he performed as Elvis Presley in Jubilation’s Dinner Theatre production of Jailhouse Rock. He sings tenor in the dynamite choir Revv52 and has taken his original music across the country performing both to enthusiastically anticipating audiences and empty bar stools (also anticipating). He lives with his wife Janice, close to the tennis domes, in North Glenmore Park.

This poem was also published in iLit Modern Morsels: Selections of Canadian Poetry and Short Fiction, by McGraw-Hill Ryerson. Click here to view.

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