Faces in the Clouds

I recollect a couple’s
slide show of clouds.

They pointed out
faces, no profiles
but varied frontals
peering out.

Not the everyday
storm silhouettes
or Jesus

my nape hair quilled
when I perceived these
integrated and finely detailed
air etchings.

I know we can conjure
the human face from chaos.
Curiosity shapes the skeptic.

Maybe too real,
double exposures, projections,
suggestion . . . but a goose
ghosted my skin then.

I googled them,
but in the cloud of nimbus images,
music, and cumulous digits
the couple had dissipated,
like slide carousels.

~ J.S. MacLean
J.S. MacLean is an independent poet who has been published in a variety of journals in Canada, USA, UK, and Australia. These publications include Ice Flow (University of Alaska),The Apeiron Review, Literary Review of Canada, THIS Magazine, Ottawa Arts Review, and Anobium. He has a collection, Molasses Smothered Lemon Slices available on amazon.com. In his spare time he works.

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