What’s New(s)

the man outside
the Plaza movie house sells
papers written by the poor
his sandwich board
the merits of their

he’s there when I go in,
when the film gets out
at minus 30

I turn my back
count pocket change,
resent the sting
of bared skin burned
cold by currency,
try to decide what to give
what’s fair

I wave away his paper, say
you can sell it again
but he grasps
my sleeve
says I’ve got a story
on page 4

~ Julie Lockhart

Julie Lockhart works at Calgary’s Mount Royal University. Her poetry has appeared in Dandelion, The Prairie Journal, Freefall, and the Freshwater Pearls anthology. In 2010, she was the University of Calgary’s Poet of the Season.

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  1. I enjoyed this vignette!

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