Dirty Weather: for Calgary


Winter is a toddler here, a fit a minute.
We remind ourselves, it’ll be done soon.
Winter holds it breath, throws snirt while
downtown carries on its palpitations.


I remember peonies, balled pink fists
outside town hall meetings. Builders stretched
city limits. Those diggers ran like crawling ants
up the stalk, to coax the fortune of oil out of blossom.


I no longer care to clean my boots,
or for the economy car. It’s such a long way to spring,
such a long way to that breathy horizon where
the sky is free of architecture.

~ Micheline Maylor

Micheline Maylor became a graduate of the May Studio at the Banff Centre in 2010. She teaches creative writing and English at Mount Royal University in Calgary and is the editor of Freefall Magazine. Her latest collection “Whirr and Click” was launched with Frontenac House in April 2013.

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  1. micheline,

    very much enjoyed the last line of “dirty weather”:
    ‘the sky is free of architecture.’ (actually enjoyed the entire poem. was hungry for a calgary poem. am far away in muscat, oman.)

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