Regular Rush Hour Feature

Calgary commuter stuck in five-lane sidebar
tabloid traffic.

Bicycle couriers
gutters, drumming up business
for tomorrow’s obits.

Office tower mastheads blaze petroleum neon.
and counting
editorialize booming
social benefits.

Signals flash, but the pedestrian press traipses typos across each intersection, threatening
to leave behind
an orphan or at least a bleed
at the edge.

Tomorrow’s Headline: Journalist Embedded in War Zone

Today’s Breaking News:
Homeless Woman Watches Gridlock from Abandoned Bus

~ Julie Lockhart

Julie Lockhart works at Calgary’s Mount Royal University. Her poetry has appeared in Dandelion, The Prairie Journal, Freefall, and the Freshwater Pearls anthology. In 2010, she was the University of Calgary’s Poet of the Season.

To read more of Julie’s poetry click here.

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