Diving Into a Glass of Water

(Calgary engineer describes the Glenmore Reservoir as a
“teacup in front of a fire hose.” June, 2013)

The sound of you
from a great height
the roar of you,
your spittle drops
becoming mist,
your fast mouth
the way you talk
the pain of you against the sky
the time it takes,
your reflection
on our face, the news you spread
your fast pace,
the way you turn
the air to rain
the race you win, your breath
on the way
the rush you make
the life you take,
the chill sheer feel of you,
the shadow you cast
in flight
how you spill
and split the night,
take the river in your mouth
rend the trees
from our yards
take us with you
in your arms,
hands together
your head a glass ball,
the way you break across us as you fall.

~ Cassie Welburn

Cassy Welburn is a Calgary poet and storyteller who lives on the Bow River. Her poems and stories have appeared in a variety of Canadian literary journals and anthologies, as well as on CBC radio. She enjoys performing her work at storycafes and festivals around the country.

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