moraine sculpted rise, plunges to glacial fed
running waters of Bow River valley
a basin of cottonwood forests
first bite of hoar frost jumpstarts snowmaking, frolicking

chute christened “the bone yard”
reminiscent of Blackfoot buffalo hunting grounds?
– haunt of the under twenty-five set
fear, consequences not yet indelibly etched
hardwired upon malleable grey matter
like trapeze artists
they traverse an obstacle course
execute flips, but with snowboards, land
guardian angels hover
like aboriginal adolescents
guided by animal totems
running with the herd.

~ Barbara D. Janusz

A graduate of the University of Alberta with Bachelors degrees in Arts and Laws, Barbara D. Janusz is the author of the novel, Mirrored in the Caves. A transplant from Calgary, where she resided from 1985 until 2005, Barbara resides in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta.

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