To my darling ugly
I love you more
Than beauty,
Who fools with fancies:
Frills, lighting, made-up…
While you are honest
Content to bloat,
Slough, drool and squat
Not even in need
Of a compliment.

Ugly… if you were a she-shark
I’d run bleeding, into the sea,
Breast-stroke slit-wrists
Waving a red signal to thee.

Ugly… if you were a she-toad
Green veined, nasty blotched
I’d tongue your purple warts
To lap and gulp your tasty venoms.

Ugly… if you were a she-vulture
I’d give you my eyes, like a corpse,
Glazed and milky gaze assured,
Let you encircle, then drop.

~ Antony D

Antony D has written philosophical articles about sex and death. This work continues to set the tone of his literary writing as either depressing or rude. He has read at a variety of events, including Calgary’s burlesque show “Femme Fatale 7” fundraiser for women at risk. His poetry was showcased at the University in 2012 by Jeramy Dodds and he is part of the “Filling Station” poetry collective.

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  1. awesome… well wrought and wonderful!

  2. Thanks a lot for your kind encouragement 🙂

  3. Love seeing your work up on the net, good work buddy.

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