With open arms you address the knick-knacks from a wooden pedestal,
completely ignored by the large and even the small appliances.

Your onyx insect eyes don’t dilute your message, or your ESP.

Extraterrestrial reflective gaze distracts from your veiny silver frame
and the negative space infiltrating your exoskeleton chinks.

A tunic hidden behind scribble beard and savory fox cape glamour.

Through your string belt and entwined leather glove /

Your violence is showing.

– Samantha Jones

Samantha Jones is originally from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, but has called Calgary home since 2006. She has a Certificate in Creative Writing from the University of Calgary Continuing Education and two degrees in geology; a Bachelor of Science from Dalhousie and a Master of Science from the University of Calgary. She is the author of a free verse, experimental, and found poetry blog,mediumblackdog.wordpress.com, and is a published technical author.

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