A Young City Strays

a prairie diamond         reflecting
bonfire ballerinas
hip honkey-tonkers
rockabilly betties
indie incantations seeding incarnations of the west
no sea to gaze upon as lovelorn sailors
save for the amber waves
a back forty ripple of grain
to sip to plunge into the core
to ripcord the evenings to shake off the glories and pains
of gallow’ed nights
and hung days
to be 17 on 17th
kings and queens of Kensington
bridging the land
Stephen and Stephanie caressing under tesla trees
slipping through low doors
sliding on oat-slickened rock-worn floors
fuzzy naval blending with fuzzed-out bass
high kicks meshing with melted face
too young to live this late
too old not to jump the gate
stealing away a moment in the towering lights
as a young city strays.

~ M.D. Mosley

M.D. Mosley studied professional writing and communications at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta before returning home to Calgary in 2013 to pursue opportunities in the field of creative writing and the educational development of youth through literacy programs.

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