Just Outside of Calgary

David Reid Just outside NW Calgary

~ David Reid

I was born in Belfast 1940, spent one year an agricultural college followed by a B.Sc. (Botany) and Ph.D. (Plant Physiology) at Queen’s University of Belfast. My wife Victoria (a school teacher much interested in the arts) and I emigrated to Canada in 1968 where I took up a position in the Dept. of Biology at the University of Calgary. In 1976 I became a Professor of Botany and later Head of the Department of Biological Sciences 1999-2005. My teaching, research and publications (about 160 scientific papers) dealt with how plants survive nasty and ever changing environments. Calgary was a good place for this kind of research! This work and my agricultural training inevitably led me to a deep interest in the science of how humans are messing up the Earth and matters such as pollution, forest destruction and climate change. In 2009 I had three 900-word op-ed pieces in the Calgary Herald on global warming. I also paint (acrylics and pastels), ski, garden and hike.

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