The Unreal Upright Lake

Between full licensed bars
And full gospel churches
Whores with their cell phones
And their cell(ulitis) legs in leggings
It smells like polished stone
With a slight scent of paint
The breath of removed heart
Sanded off graffiti names
Centre Street full of people
Paid per hour or per favour
With faces like a Rent-a
Santa Claus before the show
A homeless man sleeps
On a kindergarten slide
To the jazzy saxophone
Played by a wheelchair man
In front of Stephen Avenue Mall
The smell of our blown out candle
In the dark bedroom we are
Listening to the busting car windows
And trying to guess the model
Outside the unreal upright lake
Of downtown lights by night
I have to rub my eyes
And arrange myself to the light

~ Thorsten Nesch

Thorsten Nesch writes: During the year I lived in Calgary I wrote about 100 poems, songs, and short stories and took 12 rolls of b/w photos. Later I recorded the musical “Paris, Calgary” ( Director Sandi Somers turned the scene “The $9.99 Haircut” into a short film (YouTube) nominated as Best Short by the Albertan Motion Picture Industry.

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