Passages (100 Boats on the Bow)

100 hand-carved and numbered wooden boats
100 soil samples taken from the along the Bow River,
from the Bow Glacier to Calgary

3 hand-pulled collagraph prints of each vessel,
each painted with corresponding clay (total 300)
1 set for the City of Calgary,
1 print for each volunteer,
1 set for the artist

100 volunteers
at Fish Creek launch their boats in the river
each boat branded with a website,
when they are found the boats tell a story
and the finders are invited to share their story of the river.
The Bow River flooded a few days later.

2013 – after the city’s rivers broke their banks again,
one family’s framed prints
were painted by the flood waters.

~ Peter von Teisenhausen

peter von tiesenhausen w boat PVT_PASSAGES_Large 47
Photo: Alex Taylor

peter von tiesenhausen dropping the boats passages13
Photo: Alex Taylor

peter von tiesenhausen boats in the water PVT_PASSAGES_Smalls  85
Photo: Alex Taylor

peter von tiesenhausen boat float into bow lklo
Photo: Karsten Heuer

peter von tiesenhausen boats and pigment passages28
Photo: Peter von Tiesenhausen

peter von tiesenhausen pigments passages2
Photo: Peter von Tiesenhausen

peter von tiesenhausen passages prints
Photo: Carlos Amat

peter von tiesenhausen post flood boats IMG_5675
Photo: Susan Poole

Peter von Tiesenhausen has been a fulltime, practicing, multi-disciplinary Canadian artist since 1990. He has had over 52 solo exhibitions and has participated in well over 65 group exhibitions during that time. In 2002 he was the recipient of the Alumni Award of Excellence from the Alberta College of Art + Design, and a Canada Council Established Artist production/creation grant in 2000. Peter has been awarded several public commissions in Canada and in Europe, both permanent and ephemeral. A large component of Peter’s work is his site-specific installations, created on location either in gallery settings or in the open. The many time-based works he had constructed on his own land led him in 1997 to claim copyright on that land as an artwork. Peter has presented over 100 lectures of his work and ideas in museums, universities and other public institutions throughout Canada, in the USA, Mexico and Europe.

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