George Clooney (song excerpt)

It’s ironic everything nowadays is touch
touch screens, iTouch but still man we’ve lost touch
you may now Instagram the bride
& plan your life through the camera’s eyes
fantasize, if only there was a filter that helped you stand beside
your lady like your Gramps even after Grandma died
the book of love is a book we never canonized
we’d rather light the wick and watch the canon fly
my father is my hero a real admirable man
always kept composure when he’d handle the fam
cook us up some eggs, maybe scramble the ham
& despite all that I still battle the man, it’s crazy man
none of us are really très bien
so how do we create a home that we can raise babies in
how do we flip a wife from a lady friend
when it seems we’re regressing as a race of homo sapiens

part of me wants to be George Clooney
never settle down, every night different groupies
trying to feed a family with a microphone
it goes two turntables and a wife at home

~ Transit

Transit is a hip-hop artist who moved to Calgary from Victoria in 2007. He has gained notable buzz from media outlets such as Much Music, Maclean’s, Q with Jian Ghomeshi and many more. His new album “Stale” was released January of 2013 and climbed all the way to the #4 spot on the iTunes Canadian hip-hop charts on its opening day of release. Transit has recently collaborated with notable artists such as Jann Arden, Madchild, Grieves, and Kyprios. However, his popularity extends past the music industry, as seen by his 2012 selection to the short-list to be Calgary’s first ever Poet Laureate.

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