Away From Crowd

Talking palely, careful of life
away from crowd, that is the way.
You may say it’s not the best
but crowd is delicate.
Crowd is where people fall,
crowd creates a rigid path
leading to drugs, alcohol and abuse.
Crowd is not where you want to be.
Away from crowd leads you to

Do you stride through life and wonder
what is my purpose?
To be profitable, and spend foolishly,
or go astray, and be unruly?
In the beginning Man was made
to inhabit the Earth, and prosper.
What’s your purpose in life?

Like a highway, it goes on
for what seems a lifetime?
Destination depends on which turns you take.
You ride according to your skills and traits.
Be careful, beware of the roads
for the smooth, clear path
leads to your destination.
The rigid and narrow path
brings you to a

To lead by example is the true treasure,
The secret is in one simple measure.
I learned you lead best,
when you get off your butt and help the rest.
It’s as simple as cleaning up after yourself,
or completing tasks at hand.
It is a role model to the generation
who will repeat the same,
creating a well functioning

~ Justice Adedeji

Justice Adedeji I am a Grade 8 student at Bearspaw Christian School. I was born in North York General Hospital, in Toronto, Ontario to Nigerian parents who migrated to Canada many years ago. I am the second child of six children in my family of three boys and three girls. I love and play soccer, volleyball, basketball, ice skating, karate, swimming and in school choir/instruments such as handbell, recorder, trombone and so on.

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